Agri-spaces is a partnership project which aims to create a network of organisations that will share techniques and management approaches used in urban agriculture, and develop ways of increasing the benefit of such schemes to the communities they serve.

The partnership made up of 3 countries, Lithuania, Romania and the UK, all with experience and dedication to regeneration and training will examine the most effective ways of initiating urban agriculture schemes and of ensuring the support of significant stakeholders. Urban farming methods from partner countries will a be explored in order to find the most efficient and efficient approaches. Case studies will be collected from all partners, with the results together with learning materials  available on an accessible on-line platform. Common guidelines will be developed which can be used  across Europe by those who wish to develop Urban Agriculture in their communities.

The training will follow innovative facilitated learning developed from action learning methodologies.

The target group of this project are people involved in the creation and development of urban agriculture including individuals, community groups, those involved with urban regeneration  and social enterprises. Urban agriculture has a particular positive impact to those on low incomes, the unemployed, and new immigrants who may fit into both of the previous groups and may additionally be unable to source produce important to their diet. However, the broader urban community will not be excluded.